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Andy Tsagaris
Andy Tsagaris is a contemporary 
surrealist photographer whose style 
is noted for his unique perspective 
on the subject and often humorous 
spin on it. His work is focused on 
Creating Awareness for charitable organizations.

His mission is to create an impactful 
campaign exhibition by uniting art, business and individuals to help put an end to the HIV era.

Unity is the key element in the exhibition. Separatism and division render us weak. Together the links are strong, with strength comes power. Power to battle and win the war on this pandemic. 

Mr. Tsagaris has photographed today's most 
prominent figures in business, music, entertainment, 
comedy, fashion, sports, and the New York Nightlife 
Elite. His work has appeared in national magazines, 
media campaigns, and editorials.

LA Gala in the Media
Los Angeles Confidential Magazine
Be The Link Campaign hosted its first gala at Bardot in Hollywood to support awareness, education, and care for people living with HIV/AIDS, and to promote the destruction of the stigma associated with the disease.
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LA Splash Magazines
The Be The Link Campaign. The Campaign is the first of its kind to raise awareness for HIV and AIDS, visually linking 250 influential people in a voice of unity. The goal is to destroy the stigma surrounding the disease and to support HIV/AIDS awareness, education, and care for people with AIDS. 
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Margie Balter chats with Traci Stumpf about her Songbook Release called "Music From Our Hearts" at the BE THE LINK Gala 



Jesaiah Baer — Rising young star appears at L.A. gala for Be-the-Link Campaign. Fans of American Idol have been checking-in on a fabulous youtube featuring 16-year-old Jesaiah Baer.

The Mission
The mission is to fund research and education for HIV. You can be a part of this event by donating to the Until There's A Cure Foundation.

Until There's A Cure® is a national organization dedicated to eradicating HIV/AIDS by raising awareness and funds to combat this pandemic. The Foundation is committed to AIDS awareness and prevention education, care and services for those living with HIV, and vaccine development. It has granted $9,000,000 since its inception in 1993. 


The Project
The first of its kind to combine photographic art into a canvas of unique expression by uniting 250 contemporary prominent figures including: world champion athletes, fashion designers, news/media figures, recording artists, actors, models, CEOs, television personalities, business moguls ...and more! The diversity of people who form the links highlight a disease that is blind to its victims age, race or economic status.

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